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Additional Features And Better Performance

Before we get into a detailed discussion about additional features of Softswitch and its performance, let us see what it is.

Basically, Softswitch is software that allows you to make phone calls to any VoIP or regular numbers with the help of a fast internet connection. All you have to do is to download and install this software, once you’ve purchased it from on of the reputed VoIP Softswitch providers. After installing this application, you’ll need to ensure that the internet connection is high speed. By using a headphone and a microphone, you can easily converse with the person on the other end of the line through your personal computer.

Features and performance of Softswitch:

Some of the features that supported by the Softswitch are mentioned below

  • It shows you the card number and identification of the caller,

  • With Softswitch you are able to customize its IVR,

  • Friend authentication of SIP and IAX2,

  • Free Voice over Internet Protocol calls between the application users,

  • You will be able to record all the calls,

  • You will be able to make calls even when you have zero or even negative balance,

  • For the new caller ID you will have the option of Auto creation card,

  • You have two options to make a payment for the service, prepay as well as post-pay

  • You can check your call statistics such as Least Call Routing, LCR, and Least Cost Dialling, LCD

Some of the additional features of Softswitch include support multiple language, online shop and signup modules. Besides, you will also have the option to export any data into CSV or XML, customize the mail templates and much more.

The carrier grade Softswitch software solution offers translations, controlling of the calls, routing and others. The software application is quite scalable, and thus you can control the network having millions ports in it. A Softswitch can work on its own as well as with other Softswitches to deliver the expanded capacity.

When it comes to the performance of this software, it ensures quite the ease of use. It has benefited the telecom industries in a huge way when compared to the traditional hardware based systems. Some of other advantages are its higher scalability, platform independent, handling the server’s controlling part and leaving the rest for other devices.

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