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All the Features of the Softswitch Technology

Know About All the Features of the Softswitch Technology


If you are looking for detailed study over the features of Softswitch telecommunication VoIP solutions, then you are at the right place. This article contains only the features of Softswitch, Class 5 and Class 4 Softswitch as well for you to make a wise business decisions.

Features of the Softswitch:

Call control intelligence is provided by the Softswitch so as to establish, maintain, route and terminate the VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) calls. The telecommunication solution is completely based on SIP (Session Initiation Protocol). The system is reliable, highly scalable and very cost effective. TDM calls can be migrated to VoIP. It offers scalability to medium or small capacity of the next generation networks. The billing or usage can be monitored from Posttgre SQL interface, MySQL, RADIUS interface protocol, and detailed CDR data.

The switches of the Softswitch serve as an interface to the application platform and enhanced services. With this technology, all the companies using are able to manage their own personal communication networks. It allows deployment at rapid speed, complete support for mobility applications, multi media, and multi access. Wireless or wired convergence and distributed architecture of the Softswitch makes the administration interface very user friendly.

Features of the Softswitch class 5:

Some of the main features of the Class 5 Softswitch include call waiting, retrieve call or keep a call on hold, forwarding the call in case of busy number, unconditional or no answer. Forking and hunting of the calls can also be done with the help of this service. Voicemail, dialling with abbreviation and absent subscriber are the best features of Class 5 Softswitch.

Some of the additional features of class 5 Softswitch are playing music while the call is on hold as well as waiting to be connected, multiple subscriber aliases, reject the calls if made from anonymous number and much more.

Features of the Softswitch Class 4:

The main features of Class 4 Softswitch VoIP solution are routing of the LCR as well as ASR, displaying the average duration of the call, route capacity, priority routing, modify the number of the calling party as well as modifying the number of the called parties and many more.

Authentication, continuity check tests, PSTN and ISDN test call, generate test traffic are some other additional features, which might also interest you.


Briefly summing up, the features provided by this particular technology are quite innovative and it has made the telecom a better path of carrier.