nene Digest 19 | 2014-06-21 | IXC - VoIP Software developer

Digest 19 | 2014-06-21

IXC Digest #19


 You are about to read about latest news in IXC developments and modifications in IXC Softswitch.

IXC Team is working to make life easier for you and your business. We care about your service.



                    PDD Timers Price Upload

Daily Customer Balance

PDD Timers

More flexibility! IXC has added PDD Timers to statistics output. From now on our customer can see PDD for any call from CDR. IXC offers more and more functionality for your smoothly running business!

Softswitch core is now stable!

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    Price Upload

More options to keep useful data! IXC Softswitch now allows keeping old price settings (billing inc, enabled/disabled). We work to make your operations easier!


 Ask for more information on planned developments at our sales department!


 Daily Customer balance

Increased control on daily basis! From now the Softswitch will send notifications on each customer financials to specified e-mail. The period can be customized. Current customer balance is displayed.


Route tester system is optimized


To get free demo of the system, please contact our sales department. Free trial is available! Or try Softswitch hosting solution from IXC.




Active calls and CPU Graphs