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Everything about Class 4 and Class 5 Switch

The Softswitch technology has made the calling system much easier, better and simpler. It has completely revolutionized the entire telecom industry. With its brand new and vast range of features, it has given our telecommunication a new meaning and better approach. The Softswitch technology has not only fetched a huge number of customers, but also resulted in good turnover for the service providers.

Let us check out how Softswitch operates and some of its interesting features.

Operation of the Softswitch:

Softswitch uses the technology of Call Agent and Media VoIP Gateway.

The task of Call agent is vast and it includes billing of the calls, routing them to their destined phone line, signalling the calls, providing the call services, and much more.

Whereas, the main chore of the Media PSTN Gateway is to connect the links between two phone lines. With the helps of Media Gateway, the digital media streams are linked together to transfer the voice media as well as the data successfully. The Call Agent helps the Media VoIP gateway to understand, which calls should be routed to different data stream.

Class 4 and Class 5 Softswitch:

The first job of the Class 4 Softswitch platform is to control all the high level traffics which are created for long distance or overseas calls. The standard features of Class 4 are trans-coding, billing, and converting and supporting the protocols.

On the other hand, the Class 5 Softswitch is similar to the class 4 Softswitch, but this takes it to one step further. It contains the all features supported or provided by the class 4 Softswitch as well as contains additional ones. Some of those additional features are IVR functionalities, dial tone, and access to network, local switching and many more. It provides better functionalities for the end users.

Benefits of Softswitch:

  1. Billing system is already a built in feature of Softswitch. With this benefit the Softswitch providers are capable of providing their own call rates to the end user. They are allowed to make their own tariff plans depending on the customers needs.

  2. Extra hardware not required.

  3. You will be capable of managing the modules

  4. You have the complete freedom to choose your own offer.


The entire dynamics of the telecommunication system has completely changed with the innovation of latest technology known as Softswitch. It has been welcomed with open arms by the telecom industries worldwide.

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