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Features and Advantages of Class 4 Softswitch

With the help of Softswitch, routing of any number of calls becomes very simple. Thus, this software or device is successfully utilized by most of the telecom industries. This software runs on computer which gives many more advantages for personal users as well as commercial.


Add Ons, Features and Advantages of Class 4 Softswitch


Features and Advantages of Class 4 Softswitch

Add ons of class 4 Softswitch:

The core of class 4 Softswitch is extremely robust and powerful signalling engine that provides several add-ons. These optional add-ons allow the clients to offer carrier grade Softswitch services. Some of the optional add-ons available for your use are as mentioned below:


  • Add-on for whole sale billing: It is a web application that helps the clients to offer a complete wholesale Softswitch VoIP solution.
  • Add-on for monitoring the network: This add-on provides a statistic and networking tool, which is totally based on SNMP with various helpful features.
  • Add-on for Sip registration: If clients wish to create a Private SIP network, then they will be able to do so with the help of this add-on.
  • Add-on for external APIs: This add-on is for some of the external APIs such as enable integration for billing, routing the infrastructure over the standards based RADIUS protocol, SQL and many more.
  • Add-on for RTP proxy: for NAT and/or PAT translation and interconnecting the end points of the VoIP. The RTP Proxy provides scalable network hiding.


Features of the class 4 Softswitch:

Some of the most important features of the class 4 softswitching technologies are mentioned below:

  • Conversion of the Voice over Internet Protocol: With the help of class 4 Softswitch, you will be able to convert comprehensive VoIP protocol to SIP, SIP-T and H.323, SIP-I signalling.
  • Measurability: By using a single chassis, you will be able to make about 500 to 10,000 calls. It can be even upgraded by purchasing the software licensed keys.
  • Better routing of the calls: the call manipulation and routing of the outgoing and incoming lines is more advanced and enhanced.
  • Redundancy: the VoIP solution provides complete makeover automatically for any fail over and guarantees uninterrupted services 24X7.
  • OA and M: real time configuration, remote access and many other features are offered by OA and M.

Advantages of class 4 Softswitch:

Hardware independent platform, scalability, expandability and easy up-gradation are some of the great benefits of using the Softswitch. Due to these advantages, most of the telecom industries have switched from their local connections to VoIP Softswitch.

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