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Features of Asterisk Softswitch

Features of Asterisk Softswitch


  • Snooping or call monitoring functions: With the help of Softswitch, you will able to listen to all the calls been taken at any extension. This feature is of great importance when a high priority message has to be delivered to the person who is on another call.

  • Recording of call details: It has the in-built capability to record any calls, their duration, the number of the extensions and many more. It also allows you to export the recorded details in a specific file format. This way the administrator can monitor all the calls taken or made by the employees or a department of any given company.

  • Call handling functions: It supports all of the call handling functions such as call terminate, call pickup, call hold, call waiting, direct inward dialling, blind transfer, call park and many more.

  • Conference calls: There are two kinds of conferences, which the Softswitch supports. One is the simple conference where you can keep one call on hold and make another call. Whereas other is where the conference number is publicized to the other employees and those who want to enter that particular call can merely dial the number.

  • Voicemail: one of the best features of Softswitch is the voicemail option. After a calls being unanswered for a certain number of times, the incoming call will be directed to the voicemail, where a caller can leave a message. This way even if you miss any call, you will at least get a message from your caller.

  • Expanding extensions: With Softswitch you don’t have to worry about the number of extensions. You can expand the number of Softswitch as much as you need.

  • Supports softphone: Asterisk Softswitch supports the softphone that are based on SIP and are also very easily downloadable. In order to make calls from your softphone, all you need is a headset.

  • Dual ringing: This is also a very brilliant feature of the Softswitch. It is due to this feature, both your landline number as well as your mobile number will ring when a person calls you’re your called will be connected to the device, which is used to answer the call first.

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