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IXC Calling Cards Solution

IXC Calling Cards Platform

IXC Prepaid Calling Card Platform ensures authentification, authorization and collection of statistics from RADIUS-compatible devices. Its basic operations prompt users to enter the Account and PIN specified in the prepaid card, as well as reads balance and time left on it. IVR function is performed locally by using either Cisco or Quintum gateways, which interact with VoIP Prepaid Calling Card Platform via RADUIS.

Radius accounting and authorization module with own-designed full-featured TCL script allows to implement well-known features such as call back, multilingual support, authorization by calling number, as well as several service numbers support


The platform is based on the use of IXC Accounting (module for work with Radius).



IXC Accounting features:

● Collection of statistics from AAA Radius compatible devices;

● Processing of collected data depending on settings for traffic distribution between the companies, branches;

● Call tariff in correspondence with tariff rules of the company (branch);

● Viewing statistics for any period of time with different variances of statistical treatment;

● Call tariff recalculation for any period with new prices in the case of backward tariff changes;

● CDRs generation;

● Access to statistics for partner companies;

● System of active monitoring by means of comparison of statistic characteristics (ASR, ACD, traffic volume).



The platform is based on Cisco IVR and thus, supports multi-lingual principle.


VoIP Calling Card Platform for prepaid services on the basis of Cisco IVR:

● support of Callback and SMS-Callback, implemented on TCL 2.0.

● Support of many calling card types, which can differs with tariff rules, format of dialing number, allowed DNISs or access servers;

● Possibility of prepaid card cost and tariff plan changing with further accounting of these changes;


● Authorization using ANI;


● Commission fees in days of use for any card type, prepaid card production amortization, extra charge per minute depending on use of different DNISes;


● flexible tariffing;

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