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IXC produces a high performance and scalable VoIP Softswitch Class 4 solution, that does able to pass securely a huge VoIP traffic via IP networks or Internet. It does includes all common SIP RFCs as well as it support more older H323 protocol. It was successfully tested with all knows systems, during 15 years which we are working at VoIP market.

What is VoIP Softswitch from IXC

There are a lot of vendors or providers on VoIP traffic market, all of them use different versions of protocols and standards. It is a hard choice to select flexible solution. Your software has to maintain the best VoIP services, billing system and high quality of calls in general. So, if you require a stable system which can be interconnected with any kind of system, you can buy or rent a complex solution called «IXC VoIP Softswitch». We have a lot of positive customers reviews as well as priceless experience in telecoms, therefore we are a reliable company since we were founded.

IXC switch software class 4 ensures hiding of client and operator network topology. Our product support newest hardware architecture, it efficiently using server resources, so in result it has one of the best calls performance.

IXC VOIP Softswitch software interface

Key Features:

  • Up to 3000 VoIP channels per server with CPS rate of 250;
  • Deployable in SIP and H.323 VoIP Networks;
  • SIP/H323 protocol transcoding in any direction;
  • Successfully tested during more than 15 years with different systems;
  • Call path utility can make a virtual call to see real routing;
  • Supports all voice codecs with its conversion in any direction;
  • Flexible routing mechanism based on ASR, ACD, PDD, profit and others;
  • Supports full/half media proxy;
  • Autotester tool will check your routes and inform you about traffic quality;
  • API available that allows to integrate with another systems;
  • Individual profit based routing policies;
  • Percent routing allows to split your traffic in any proportions;
  • Live statistics avoid negative customer balances;
  • RADIUS based integration with third party routing systems;
  • FAS detection utility;
  • Buy or rent for a reasonable price.

As you see the IXC mobile device provides you with VoIP protocols conversion that allows you to do  the following translations H.323 – SIP and SIP – H.323.. So you can easily interconnect systems which using different protocols, or which have old SIP firmwares.

Supporting Radius and API allows you to interconnect IXC software with different kinds of billing or calling platforms. It also possible to send cdrs to external server.

Powerful troubleshooting module allow to control and check server state, call path via IXC switch. Visual graphs or Dashboard help to see most used services (ACD, ASR, active calls, last users logged to billing etc).

Advantages of IXC VoIP Software

The main advantage of IXC is we are all-in-one software. The whole system consist of billing based on web-technologies (assessable from any device and any place), switch software, IXC media converter and independent modules could be added anytime to the system. Your calls could be proxied or goes with direct rtp, you’re able to use user’s authentication and authorization, there are a lot of codecs pre-installed on the system. This all-in-one solution uses only one single standalone server, so this is very efficient software with fast response and user-friendly interface. There is ability to build Failover Cluster with high availability, which is based on 2 or more servers with softswitches operates by single billing.


  • Productive connection of different networks and equipment;
  • Great adaptability of operations;
  • User-friendly interface, which can be easily understood even users without skills in VoIP;
  • Awesome performance;
  • Customized and powerful billing system;
  • Own NOC and quality customer support with TT system.

Video about how to start using telecommunication switch


Contact us and we’ll calculate best price for you, according your demands, expected concurrent calls, type of traffic and desired modules which you want to have. Therefore you can buy softswitch with basic system without any additional utilities.

Rent Softswitch

If you are interested in VOIP business but you can’t buy whole system at start, you can rent Softswitch and use all features and advantages same as you bought it.

We have different packages for rent, price for each package depends on count of concurrent calls and availability of specific modules.

Low cost offer starts from $200 per month. All packages includes our 24/7 full support service. Also we provide discounts for long terms rental.

Contact us or fill the form and we’ll calculate special rent price for you, according your requirements and type of your business.


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