• IXC Softswitch Carrier-grade prepaid/post-paid routing and billing solution that meets all key requirements of the current VoIP market.
  • Hosted Softswitch and VoIP Billing Solutions Low Cost Hosting & Billing Solutions for VoIP business
  • IXC Billing Wholesale Most accurate real-time billing of postpaid and prepaid calls
  • IXC Billing Retail • IXC VoIP Retail Solution • Mobile VoIP Dialer for iOS & Android
  • IXC Route Autotester Fully automated testing of multiple VoIP wholesale routes
  • Lucksi Gateway E1/T1 PSTN VoIP gateway cheaper than open source products
  • IXC Radius Aggregator • Solves the issue of calls limitations • Collect packages from all Softswitches and distributes them evenly between the existing billings • You can work with as many billings as you need • Can be sold either in unlimited version or based on the number of ports
  • IXC Softswitch Light Light variant of our softswitch developed to meet wholesales companies requirements. It is based on OS X applications, stable and simple.


Network interoperability:

  • Suport of SIP and H.323 protocols;

  • SIP/H323 and H.323/SIP conversion;

  • Codec conversion;

  • T.38 fax passing through.

  • RADIUS integration with third party billing.



Supported Protocols:

  • H.323 v.4 (including H.245 v.7);

  • SIP v.2;


  • T.38, T.120 (in signaling proxy mode);

  • RAS Signalling (ARQ, LRQ, ACF, LCF, ARJ, LRJ)


Supported Codecs:

  • clear-channel

  • g711alaw

  • g711ulaw

  • g722

  • g7231

  • g723ar

  • g723ar53

  • g723ar63

  • g723r53

  • g723r63

  • g726

  • g726r16

  • g726r24

  • g726r32

  • g726r40

  • g728

  • g729abr8

  • g729ar8

  • g729br8

  • g729r8

  • gsmefr

  • gsmfr

  • ilbc


System management:

  • GUI web interface.

Troubleshooting system enables monitoring of the following processes:

  • Top 10 process

  • Tcp Connections

  • System Partitions

  • Soft list

  • Interface traffic

  • Active calls

  • Basic processes

  • System Memory

  • Softswitches information

  • Last Users

  • Processor loading

  • Gatekeepers


Scalability and redundancy:

  • The product scales from 30 simultaneous calls to thousands

  • System extension without system interruption;

  • Cluster type architecture;

  • Failover functionality (system redundancy).


Operating System:

  • FreeBSD and Linux


Product support:

  • 24/7/365 customer support;

  • Remote installation;

  • Full online training;

  • Customization of the product based on specific features’ demand;

  • Demo and trial is available.

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