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Know Details of Softswitch and Types Of Class 4 Switches Features and Advantages of Softswitch

Know Details of Softswitch and Types Of Class 4 Switches

What is Class 4 Softswitch?

Class 4 Softswitch is generally used to connect all the telecom networks sold all around the globe. This is used largely by the huge telecommunication providers of the world. For all those telecom suppliers who provide VoIP services, the Class 4 Softswitch is just an alternative to the Class 4 switches, which are used on the telephone system of land line calls.

The high performance of the Class 4 Softswitch is provided for the enterprise as well as carrier markets. The delivery of the VoIP services and traffic is secured by the Class 4 Softswitch through the multiple Internet Protocol networks. The complete redundancy and high scalability are the main two features of Softswitch.

Types of Softswitch Class 4:

Generally, the Class 4 Softswitch is distinguished into two network types. One is known as local tandem or sector and the other one is known as access tandem.

Local tandem switch or sector: This switch is utilized when someone needs to connect the traffic between the Class 5 switches inside the LATA (Local Access and Transport Area). This whole process can be understood by a simple example. Suppose from X a number is dialled to Y, then the call will go through the switch of Class 5.

Now it has been found out that the call can’t access the phone number of Y via this network. Therefore, it will connect with the Class 4 switch and will allow it to connect with some other Class 4 switch of Y. However, this issue is now sorted with advanced technology and it will get connected with Class 5 switch phone number of the local area, and will complete the call routing.

Access tandem switch: This switch is utilized to connect to the long distance or overseas telecom company, which is also known as the Inter-exchange Carrier (IXCs). It is quite similar to local tandem. The process is exactly the same, but the calls move overseas via PoP (Point of Presence), which is provided by IXC. It has the permission to access the class 4 switch of other countries and connect with the one that is required to reach.


Thus to be short and precise, Softswitch has completely changed the whole dynamics of the telecom industries. Apart from this, it has also benefited all the wholesale service providers of VoIP Softswitch as well as has also made their life much easier and better.