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Know Features and Advantages of Softswitch

Know Features and Advantages of Softswitch

Features of Softswitch:

Some of the main features of Softswitch are termination of the VoIP, replacement of the toll or tandem, providing wholesale switching, providing subscriptions to the business as well as residents and calling cards with either post-paid or prepaid connections and many more.

Some of the additional features of the Softswitch include call waiting, Do Not Disturb services, keep a call on hold and retrieve that call back, forking of the call and hunting of the call is possible with Softswitch technology. It monitors the ACD, ASR and call statistics live by the help of destination gateway. RTP Proxy of the NAT traversal of the media as well as the signalling, emergency call from the centrex, tans-coding of the codec, collects the information of E911 and many such other facilities.

Suspend subscriber, putting a restriction to the toll, implement account codes on the individual customers, outgoing as well as the incoming call barring, giving indication for any unread messages, reject all the calls that are being made from any anonymous number are some of the specialized features of Softswitch.

Advantages of the Softswitch:

  1. Highly scalable: Since the Softswitch software application takes care of only a few parts of the entire calling process, it becomes quite simple and very easy to use for an user. Priority of the Softswitch technology is not only to control the server, but also has to manage some general functions. Thus, it offers huge benefits when it comes to handling, controlling and managing of the huge lists of clients for Packet Data Switching, which in short is known as PDS.

  2. The Softswitch communication gives a brilliant performance. The billing system of the Softswitch is not only flexible but is also convenient.

  3. The functionalities of the Softswitch are literally limitless and all of them are quite advanced as well as unique.

  4. The installation process of the Softswitch software is extremely simple. Depending on users, they allow the software to set up in remote mode. The maintenance of the Softswitch is much simpler than the traditional hardware system. You don’t need any kind of special training or skills to maintain the system on your own.


The Softswitch technology controls and connects all the various phone lines with the help of packet and circuit networks. Thus, it makes the system much less complicated and more comfortable than the traditional system.

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