• IXC Softswitch Carrier-grade prepaid/post-paid routing and billing solution that meets all key requirements of the current VoIP market.
  • Hosted Softswitch and VoIP Billing Solutions Low Cost Hosting & Billing Solutions for VoIP business
  • IXC Billing Wholesale Most accurate real-time billing of postpaid and prepaid calls
  • IXC Billing Retail • IXC VoIP Retail Solution • Mobile VoIP Dialer for iOS & Android
  • IXC Route Autotester Fully automated testing of multiple VoIP wholesale routes
  • Lucksi Gateway E1/T1 PSTN VoIP gateway cheaper than open source products
  • IXC Radius Aggregator • Solves the issue of calls limitations • Collect packages from all Softswitches and distributes them evenly between the existing billings • You can work with as many billings as you need • Can be sold either in unlimited version or based on the number of ports
  • IXC Softswitch Light Light variant of our softswitch developed to meet wholesales companies requirements. It is based on OS X applications, stable and simple.


Implementation of Lucksi media VoIP gateway

There are many ways of integration this carrier-grade media VoIP gateway, but the most often it can be used in the following cases:
1. Origination of VoIP traffic.
2. Termination of VoIP traffic.
3. Interconnection of the offices.
Now we will take a look at each of these variants more closely.

Origination of traffic

VoIP telephony provider collects traffic from his subscribers which are located in PSTN network and route their calls to Lucksi media VoIP gateway. At this point calls are converting into IP packets and can be transmitted to the IP network. Then Lucksi route these calls to the Softswitch for futher VoIP billing and routing to the traffic vendors.

Implementation of Lucksi media VoIP gateway


Lucksi PSTN Gateway - Termination of traffic

VoIP telephony provider setup his gateways in some PSTN network and provide routing to this destination for his clients. Clients of such provider are usally wholesale operators that send traffic from VoIP networks. In such case Lucksi media VoIP gateway perform functions of transcoder.


Lucksi PSTN Gateway - Interconnection of the offices

Lucksi VoIP gateway can also be used for corporate clients when you need to unite several offices, which are located in PSTN network, by means of VoIP technology. Scheme of such interconnection is the following: analog phones of the brach office are connected to the office PBX. This PBX is connecting to the Lucksi media gateway for transcoding calls into VoIP network. Then Lucksi route these calls to the core of the network – switch software, which is responsible for routing calls to the head office of the company. Softswitch route calls to the Lucksi VoIP gateway of the head office for convertion it into analog form and further transmission to the head office PBX and its end users. Also all branches of the company will be able to make international calls by means of alternative providers of IP-telephony.


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