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Mobile Voip dialer

calls and sms to any destination through the internet


Mobile Dialer is a small software application installed on cell phones, which have at least 2G internet connection (from 10 Kbit/ sec). It allows making low cost or totally free calls from a mobile hand set through a VoIP network.

IXC company can develop and implement mobile VoIP dialer for IOS and Android in short terms just for your current needs. Moreover, we can develop any unique design of the client application for you to attract customers, giving them opportunity to make calls through the softphone using your services

Mobile VoIP Dialer from IXC As an example of such client application we produced a mobile VoIP dialer, based on web site It uses SIP signaling and is mapped to the IXC VoIP switch. No special configuration required on your mobile device to register it on the SIP server and make it ready for IP calls. All you have to do is to enter your e-mail and password (only first time) and make your free calls that are paid from bonuses that you earn when completing the service’s sponsors’ offers.

SIP Dialer from IXC will completely satisfy the users with its high connection quality and maximum reliability. For now it is available for iOS, MacOS, Android.

It has a number of attractive features:

- simple instant registration

- g711, g729 iLBC, GSM codecs support

- NAT traversal

- small application, fast load time

- address book

- customized skin interfaces

- support emotion indication

- call timer

- last number redial

- touch tone

- silence suppression

- echo cancellation

- registration timeout

- auto-configuration of settings for easy deployment

- real-time indication for regions, which are supported or not

- SMS sending with any number in the “from” field

- speakerphone / handset using possibility


Most popular languaMobile SIP Dialer from IXCges are currently supported:

  • English
  • Arabic
  • Chinese
  • French
  • Hindi
  • Japanese
  • Russian
  • Spanish
  • Vietnamese


Another distinctive feature of IXC Mobile Dialer is the possibility to send SMS to other users of the client or just directly to any phone number, including email.

IXC SIP Dialer by default was configured to make your living better, though providing you new absolutely free ways of communication with anyone around the world, including your love ones. It is beneficial to stay with us.