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Newest Telecom Concept

Softswitch Is the Newest Revolutionary Concept in the Telecom Industry


In order to know about more about the installation process of Softswitch, you’ve landed at the right place. This piece of writing is completely dedicated to all those who want to be acquainted with the installation process of Softswitch.

Media presentation:

To set up Softswitch on your machine, you need to prepare the installation media. It can be either DVD disk or CD disk. In order to do so, you need to download the image file with the required extension .ISO. Afterwards, you’ll need to save the file on your computer’s hard disk and then, burn it to any blank DVD or CD depending on the size of the file.

Booting of installation media:

Once you are done with saving the file, it is the time to boot the installation media. To do so, you need to insert the DVD or CD in the respective drive and switch on your system’s hardware. Read the hardware manual closely and follow the booting procedure.

Welcome screen:

It will take approximately 5 minutes to load the program. Once it is done, it will show you the welcome screen. To proceed you need to click on next option.

Disk partitioning:

The next screen will permit you to make any changes on the system regarding the disk space you want to allocate for each of the logical partition and also allows to swap files. If you don’t have any specific changes to be made, then it is advised to select the default values and click on the next button to proceed.

Network configuration:

This step is very critical for Softswitch installation. This screen requires the parameters of your Internet Protocol, so that you can configure it. Click on the next option, once you are done with it.

Time zone configuration:

When you are selecting the time zone, it is highly preferred to select that of your head quarter office. All log files will be created in this time zone.

Username and password:

In this screen, you need to set your username and password to protect the entry of unregistered users.

Disk formatting:

This is the last step to finally installation your software. For any changes you can go back and make those changes.

Final step:

Once the Softswitch software has been properly installed you need to reboot the system. Make sure that you remove the DVD or CD from the drive.