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PBX Services to Business Customers

With Softswitch You Can Provide PBX Services to Business Customers


With the help of Softswitch IP Centrex, the business customers can be offered hosted PBX services. It has not only made a huge turn key solution for telecom industries, but also has made calling better and superior. Some of the essential features of IP Centrex Softswitch are mentioned below:

  1. It is appropriate for large distributed enterprises and fixed line carriers.

  2. Provides availability and reliability of carrier grade system

  3. It enhances the infrastructure by providing converge of data and voice

  4. Provides an option to the customer to manage their own account through online

  5. Maintains the device portfolio and soft client

  6. For business customers, it provides complete manage telephony services

Delivers converged services

It saves huge cost by maintaining the redundant and multiple infrastructures, which ultimately results in rise of profit. Some service providers offer only one or two features, but with Softswitch IP Centrex, you can enjoy all the features such as maintaining the long distance as well as local call timing, internet access and voice mail.

IP Centrex services:

Softswitch class 5 offers a new service, which is called as hosted PBX facility. Now you have the option to sell those PBX services in bundle or customize packages so as to meet the specific needs of your customers. Either ways, you will be able to gain a huge amount of revenue.

Save from CAPEX and OPEX

You can save a huge amount of expenses from omitting the extra maintenance cost. You can save money on separate data storage and voice network maintenance, and also on equipment peering. You can minimize the cost of CAPEX as well as OPEX and maximize your profit.

The system management is further simplified:

With the integrated system management, you will be in a complete control, thus saving you the OPEX. You can manage the system from your office as it is remote and centralized.

Business customers will be gratified:

You have the option to offer single extension plan or unified extension plan to the customers. This way, you will be able to meet your customer’s specific needs and demands. With the single extension plan, your customers can save time and reduce redundancy in their works.

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