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Reasons to Buy VoIP Software

If you own a business dealing with VoIP software, we recommend you buy softswitch to enhance your business growth by improving the quality of your service.


Being a dominant 21st century telecommunication trend, softswitches are mainly used for multimedia and data exchange, and especially for voice transmitting. In order to test the advantages of these great devices you may also rent VoIP software (you can easily do this in the ‘Rent’ category of our site by filling in a simple application). By doing so, you will ensure that softswitch is a great device to invest in.

Reasons to Buy VoIP Software


Softswitch Uses

The primary function of a softswitch is to provide a stable and efficient mechanism for communication. Although softswitches are often referred to the phone services, these encompass many other fields to be applied in (when connected to a packet-switched computer network, for instance, those facilitate video/audio conferencing, online chatting, Internet browsing and file sharing). So, let’s determine the most important domains softswitches are used in:

  1. Phone Uses. Traditional telephony combines both hardware and software components to hold calls. Software elements are primarily used to send particular signals to hardware to connect calls. Softswitches, on the contrary, tend to use software as much as possible automatically linking users eliminating the need of certain hardware. This system allows saving a lot of finance, since their price is lower comparing to expensive hardware cost, especially when buying from wholesale VoIP software dealers.
  2. Software Uses. Softswitches can be applied to any service where communication media are transferred back and forth across the network. In this case softswitches work as media gateways allowing traffic to pass through them (it can be formatted when passing). The traffic can be translated to another format not only in case of hardware and software interaction, but also when numerous applications using various protocols are trying to communicate.


Using a Hosted VoIP Software

In addition to buying or renting one, you can always use the hosted VoIP switch solutions, if you think that there is no necessity to own a personal one. By doing so, you will get access and will be able to use softswitch and billing service. Softswitches are modular in their nature, hence their functionality can be enhanced, upgraded or altered by simply installing required programs compatible with it.


In other words, owning, renting or using a hosted VoIP software service enables the owner to become a full-fledged IP telephony provider. It also helps to manage both retail and wholesale billing (VoIP billing retail deals with individual customers, while the wholesale one deals with different entities like resellers, partners etc).


About Our Company

Our company deals with IXC Class 4 and Class 5 Softswitches which is a complicated VoIP system solutions consisting of two key elements: the softswitch and billing software. If you buy VoIP switch at our company, you can choose between the following configurations of our products:


If you are still hesitant about purchasing one, you can rent VoIP software right here to test its functionality and efficiency.