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Softswitch Business with better features


The Softswitch feature of business trunking provides lots of benefits to all those involved in the telecom businesses. The VoIP Softswitch solution enables its providers to deliver data and voice services with ease. Some of the best features of the Softswitch business trunking are mentioned below:

  • It provides carrier grade availability as well as reliability

  • The system is scalable and are also standard based

  • It also connects the Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP ) Islands

  • It can be connected to the PBX system that already exists in your instruments

  • It also provides the call conferencing services

  • Last but not the least, it supports internetworking of PSTN over ISUP/SS7 or ISDN

Expansion of profit and services:

With the help of Softswitch business trunking facility, you will be capable of expanding the return of investment as well as enhance its services. This is possible by connecting your business clients with the distinct geographical premises as well as by delivering data and voice communication efficiently.

Save the maintenance cost

With the help of Softswitch software, you are no longer in need to pay for separate maintenance cost for data and voice networks. You will be able to save a huge amount of money from equipment peering as well. With the increase in profit, there will be a decrease in OPEX and CAPEX cost.

Transition to the IP Centrex

When you are done with installing the Softswitch business trunking, you are all set to move to the IP Centrex. Thus, it allows a very easy transition to the IP Centrex.

Simple system management

With the integrated system management, you will be in complete control and power of the system. It also saves you with OPEX. Another best feature of this application is that it is remote as well as centralized. Thus, you can manage the whole system from your office.

Customer gratification

By offering a unified extension or single reference plan, you can make all your customers 100% satisfied. With the help of single extension plan, your customers can merely carry out their work effortlessly, reduce the number of errors made, and also saves a lot of time. For every business the main aim needs to be customer satisfaction. With the more number of satisfied customers, the profit shoots up rapidly.

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