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Softswitch Class 4 Solutions

Telecom Industries Are Booming With Softswitch Class 4 VoiP Solutions


The Softswitch technology provides a switch of Class 4. This voip switch is a computer device, which is used by the telephone company, so as to connect the local carrier exchange offices for the long distance calls. In general, it is quite popular with the name of Tandem telephone switch. Class 4 switches are used to connect class 5 switches with a much larger network.

This switch is located at the central point of the telephone offices, in order to connect all the end offices can be networked together for the telephone services. This switch is only capable of dealing with the digital high speed four wire connections.

Class 4 Softswitch:

To interconnect almost all the telecom networks all around the world, class 4 switches is precisely used by the large telecommunication providers. For all the VoIP providers, a Softswitch of Class 4 does the exact same work, which is done by a switch of class 4 for the land line phone calls. Class 4 Softswitch provides high performance for enterprise as well as carrier markets.

The class 4 Softswitch also provides a secured delivery of the VoIP services and traffics via multiple IP networks, as well as offers completes component redundancy. The solution provided by the VoIP Softswitch is highly scalable for large as well as small businesses that are looking forward to connect their VoIP servers.

Advantages of Class 4 Softswitch


Advantages of Class 4 Softswitch:

  1. Routing of the calls: The Softswitch technology uses the most sophisticated algorithms, so as to improve the entire performance by reducing the congestion, latency and cost of the VoIP calls.

  2. The interface is user friendly: The user interface is pretty simply whether it is for remote or local control management of configuration, firewall management, software updates, monitoring resources, maintenance and many more. You have the option to choose from either command line interface or web based GUI.

  3. The billing system: You can check the overall services provided as well as the Call Data Records.

  4. Security features: any unauthorized access will be reported instantly, secure external protocols, user name and password protection and firewall system are a built in functions of the Softswitch.


Thus, in short, we can wrap up by saying that Softswitch is a brand new concept. It has completely revolutionized the entire telecom industry. It made the telecom facilities much simpler and easier to operate than ever before.

Furthermore, you can order a Softswitch hosting or rent Softswitch.