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Recently, the International Softswitch Consortium announced the launch of their Interoperability test lab. This test lab is going to be located in Santa Rosa of California. ISC has made a multi year agreement with the ATG, Advanced TelCom Group. This lab is created in order to support companies having more than 180 members such as the ones that use Softswitch software application, can start forums to test the interoperability of their instruments.
This lab is an impartial setting, which is free of any corporate ownership. Thus, the Softswitch industries are now able to test all types of combinations of vendor’s standards and their products so that both carriers and vendors are sure about the fact that interoperability of any offering is easily achieved.
Advantage of ISC test lab:

   Now with the commencement of ISC test lab, all the members, whether competitors or partners, have got a huge opportunity to work together with the same purpose of demonstrating and testing their equipments.
   With the help of this test lab, the deployment of the networks is speeding up, which in turn has increased the service of the multimedia. VoIP, also called Voice over Internet Protocol, is one of the multimedia services, which will be further improved with launch this test lab.

Some more facts about ISC Test Lab:

One of the independent divisions of Advanced TelCom Group is NAIL, Network Architecture and Interoperability Lab. The NAIL neither sells nor manufactures any product in the industry of Softswitch.

The test scripts that have been developed by the ISC can be widely used for testing purposes only. This will support all the needs of the members as well as the interoperability objectives of the organizations. The tests are being conducted everyday and they are open to all the members who are willing to work together, in order to make sure they get the proper inter-working results. Thus, ISC will not endorse any vendor’s product and nor will they make public any test of the results.

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