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Softswitch - How it works

What is a softswitch?
Softswitch are nothing but a centrally located device or software that is used by the telecom industries so as to connect the calls with different other phone lines. The entire process is supervised by the computer software, which solely runs on one system. In order to make calls from one phone line to another, a specially designed hardware is used, which is known as physical switch board. This switch board defines the routes of the signals in which they travel. The soft switch technology is greatly used by the telecom as well as networking industries in locally as well as the internationally.

How soft-switch generally works?
There are various uses of a soft switch in the field of telecommunication and networking. It usually has two branches or better to say sub parts on which the central device of a Softswitch works on. They are Media Gateway and Call agent. Let’s see what these two sub-parts do to make Softswitch function smoothly:
Call Agent: This is the basic sub-part of the Softswitch. Generally, Call Agent takes care of a few sequential functionalities such as call routing, transferring the signals, call services, billing, and other small functions. A Call Agent is also responsible for controlling other functions of the soft-switch’s with the help of TCP and IP connections, wherein TCP stands for Transfer Control Protocol and IP stands for Internet Protocol.
It is also used to control the functions of media gateway, in order to connect with media as well as other interfaces. This procedure is utilized to keep the interfaces clear as crystal for receiving calls from any phone lines.
Media Agent: The other part of Softswitch is known as Media gateway, which is solely responsible for various kinds of digital streaming. It collectively works to create the end to end connection and control the voice call. In order to create a connection with other phone lines, a number of interfaces are used. These interfaces are used to create the bridge between the media and the PSTN, which could be DS3 or DS1, and very rarely used one are E1 and US interfaces.

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