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Softswitch Is Better Than Hardware

There are many advantages of using Softswitch over the old and traditional hardware phone lines. Reliability has topped the list of benefits of using Softswitch. Design of the Softswitch is quite sophisticated and it completely ensures that by if the system fails, this software is not impacted.

To manage the traffic on the Internet Protocol or also called as IP, which contains a mix of video and audio, the Softswitch software is used. This technology creates a bridge between the Voice over Internet Protocol and the traditional PSTN merely by connecting it to the IP networks. On the other hand, this platform is completely software based, unlike the technology used in conventional switching centre, which is depended on its hardware.

Since Softswitch relies on SIP, which stands for Session Initiation Protocol, it ensures seamless, and hassle free communication, in order to enable the ITSP. The ITSP offers services for calling from personal computers to phone, computer to computer, IP phones to other Phones and IP devices to the Phone services.

In order to beautify the design of Softswitch, its billing software of the Voice over Internet Protocol is seamlessly connected to the switch. This technology is so flexible that it perfectly suits all the existing as well as new service providers.

Benefits of VoIP Softswitch:

Some of the advantages of Softswitch over the traditional telephone lines are mentioned below:

  1. Independent platform: This is one of the best advantages of this software application. The term platform independent means that the software can be installed in any computer you like only if it has the minimum system requirements. Since this engineering is completely software based, you can remove anytime you want without going through many delicate and difficult procedures.

  2. Ease of use: Another benefit of using this advance technology is that it’s quite simple to operate. All you have to do is to pick up the receiver and dial the number to start having a conversation after connecting it to the internet. Although it might sound a little complicated, this software application can be operated even by a non technically sound individual.

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