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The Best Softswitch for Use

Softswitch has brought about a hug change in the world of telecom industries. It takes a lot of courage and knowledge to get adapted to this new system. Making a change and replacing the system completely, which has been used for over a decade can take lot of nerve and high edge technology to succeed. Well, here is what you need to know before you opt for services offered by this software application.

What is Softswitch?

Softswitch is software based telecommunication system with which you can connect one phone line to another through the internet. It no longer requires the hardware based circuit operated phone system to route the calls and make the bills. With this system, you can very easily operate the telecommunication between two or more phone lines.

What you need to look for?

Change is good, but having a complete makeover of what was broadly used for more that decades can bring up lot of questions. Softswitch has made long and short distance calling much easier and extremely simple. You just need to choose the right product and make the perfect deal for yourself with the VoIP Softswitch providers.

You need to be very careful while choosing the perfect VoIP Softswitch for yourself. It takes a lot of research and proper knowledge about the software oriented calling system, which is known as Softswitch before using it.

There are different types of Softswitch and some of them are Class 4 Softswitch, SIP Softswitch, Class 5 Softswitch, VoIP Softswitch and many more. While choosing the right product for yourself, you need to consider the features provided by the two categories like the multiple layered switches and the switch with multiple services.

  1. Switch with multiple services:

    1. Termination

    2. Call-back

    3. Wholesale

    4. Residential VoIP

    5. Post-paid or prepaid services

    6. Mobile VoIP

    7. PINless and calling card

  2. Multiple layered switch:

    1. Termination services

    2. VoIP based origination

    3. Reporting platform

    4. Client management

    5. Billing

    6. Call routing services

Make sure you have checked each and every detail, before buy the product. Also, you need to ensure that you deal with a reputed company, which can offer their service even after you have purchased their product.

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