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Tip 10

10 Situation: What is the main difference between "Edit price" menu and "Tariff ruleset"? How can it be useful for me?

Solution: IXC recommends to use "Tariff ruleset" for billing rules for your customer or carrier. That is our main tariffication option. "Edit price" is used as additional tariffication rules when you need to do some quick correction of some exact code and do not want to edit entire "Tariff ruleset" which usually contain of 10-30k codes. Please keep in mind that "Edit price" has higher priority than "Tariff ruleset", so when you have some code enabled in "Tariff ruleset" and same code disabled in "Edit price" - the code will be disabled in fact.

Usability: imagine situation when your carrier has some outage for some exact destination (code) during 1 hour or so. To stop traffic to that carrier you do not need to edit entire "Tariff ruleset", it will be enough to add that exact code to "Edit price" and set it disabled there. And when your carrier will report that code (destination) is available again - you can just delete your setting from "Edit price".

As you can see it is easy and can be really helpful for you to minimize your time for re-routing.

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