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Tip 11

11 Situation: What "Allowed Routes" and "Allowed Groups" stands for? How can it be useful for me?

Solution: Allowed Routes: is where you can add an OutPeers one by one for route from your InPeer.
Allowed Groups: is the same thing but you can add a group of OutPeers just by one click.

So, IXC recommends you to use AllowedGroups for building your routing as it is nice and easy to make your routing just with one click. Imagine that you have some carriers with Standard routes offer and some with Premium routes. It will be very useful for you to make two OutGroups - one for Std and another one for Prm and then you can add necessary group for your customer.

AllowedRoutes can be used together with AllowedGroups and it can stands for adding some OutPeer with highest prio to easily change your routing for one InPeer. Please keep in mind that AllowedRoutes has a highest prio than AllowedGroups.
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