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Tip 14

14 Situation: Every time before we start live traffic interconnect with some new carrier we should to test quality of routes of this carrier. This is a lot of job and it takes a lot of time for my managers. Is there any possibility to have some tool for this purposes to make our life easier?

Solution: This is problem of every VoIP company. That is a things to be done, need time, need human resources and so on. So we are developed a tool to make life easier. This tool named IXC Checkup (Autotester). This tool automatically builds routing tables and origination points so you don’t need to do anything’s in order to begin tests; place calls to any terminator's destination code in only 3 clicks; all voice answers during test calls are recorded and can be played directly on web interface. Call results include call setup time and call duration; calls which seem to have been FAS’ed are pointed out and can be reviewed on web-interface as well. Support of any count of test numbers which can be easily added or edited.
So this tool is really what you need to make things better. Please contact us to find more about Autotester.

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