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Tip 18

18 Situation: Ok, but is there any way to set two-way balance as my customer is originating traffic to me and can accept (terminate) traffic from me as well?

Solution: Yes, sure, you can set two-way balance limit. You need to click on Configure Customers and click on your Customer, then click on Edit and find "balanceDep" field there. To set two-way limit you should set this flag to 'y'. Next, please see "Max negative balance" field which equals 0.00 by default. What it means? It means when your two-way balance will reach 0 - then you will not be able to exchange calls with your Carrier/Customer. You can set some credit line by using Max negative balance:100 for example. In this case your will be able to exchange calls in credit till your two-way balance will be >-100.

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