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Tip 6

6 Situation: I have Cisco ATA186 on the remote side of my partner, it is on h.323. And from my side i'm using SIP software. But when i call my partner via IXC Softswitch the ATA186 on the far end rings once and reject the call. How can i solve that?

Solution: This is known bug of Cisco ATA186 and solution can be found using IXC Softswitch Signalling Options. Go to the home-page, click on Signalling options, then click add, put any name to new signalling options and set flag 'y' on "permitTunnelingInSetup" field, all other fields leave as is. After that go to Configure Out, find your OutPeer you are using for calls to your partner? click edit, and select just created SignallingOptions there, click GO. Reload your config. After few minutes you can call your partner without any problems. Solved.

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