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Tip 7

7 Situation: What is reload config? Is it manual or automatic? How can i change that?

Solution: IXC Softswitch like any another system has its own configuration parameters which used by system to actually accept the calls from known addresses/users, route them to vendors, bill them depending on prices in configuration etc. When you do any changes via web-interface of our Softswitch the changes take an effect to the database at first. For apply that changes to Softswitch the config should be reloaded. During that stage Softswitch is asking database about changes and apply them to its own configuration parameters.

Automatic reload config - if you can not see the "Reload config" button on home-page, then it is automatic reload config in your system. It means the changes take an effect on softswitch every time when you press GO button anywhere during making changes on web-interface. Please keep in mind that reload config is the procedure which need more system resources as compared with usual Softswitch operations. So if you have a huge traffic, big database and many personal operating with Softswitch, you better to use Manual reload config.

Manual reload config - if you can see the "Reload config" button on home-page, then it is manual reload config set in your system. What does that mean? It means you can do as many changes as you want via web-interface and when you want the changes actually take an effect to softswitch, just press "Reload config" button. Config will be reloaded in few moments or minutes (depends on database size). Advantages of manual reload config can assess our clients who have a big database, many managers of Softswitch, huge traffic, etc. You can decide on your own when you want the changes to be applied to softswitch and as a result can manage the performance of system.

How to change type of reload config in my system? Go to home-page, click on "View settings", find "Automatic reload config" point with flags y/n there. Y - means automatic reload config, N - means manual.
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