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Valuable information about Class 5 VoIP Switch


Softswitch has been the most successful software application for the telecom industries around the world. It offers the most converged services for fixed, mobile and Internet Protocol providers, which generates a large amount of revenue. This platform offers a wide range of applications such as Business Trunking, Residential VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) and Mobile and IP centrex services.

All of the applications are delivered in a single carrier grade platform, which is much more flexible, scalable and with rich amount of features as well.

The broadband connection is supported by the Class 5 Soft switch operator. Thus, applications and calls can be easily carried through only one access point broadband connection. Due to this platform, it is now possible to operate any managed services from one central location. With the help of such converged designed Softswitch, the FMC service is easily deployed within no time.

Softswitch is a standard based on the latest technology, which is a built-in function and it comes with addition to IMS readiness the system ensuring a perfect fit to the existing networks. It is the most ideal solution to build a next level generation of business tasks in the communication industry.

Features of class 5 VoIp Switch:

End to end management system is one of the most crucial features of Class 5 Softswitch. The feature important feature that comes on its list is the self management capabilities for the users, which offers the service providers with all relevant information to reduce the OPEX costs.

Some other features of class 5 Softswitch are like soft client portfolio option for the rich businesses and zero rollout option for the hard phones of VoIP and IADS. These features and including some other features makes Softswitch a perfect carrier grade platform for next-to-last voice communication.

It uses the protocols and open interfaces, which is delivered to the industry standard hardware. The computer architecture of Softswitch allows you to make calls in a much better way and far superior than the traditional systems.

Very few features are mentioned in this article, but to know about the class 5 Softswitch, you can browse through Google for broader aspect on its features.

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