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VoIP Softswitch and It’s Categories

In this world of advance technology, there are many VoIP providers who offer great deal on the Softswitch services. The growing reputation and advantages of Softswitch has made it very much in demand in all the telecommunication and network based companies all around the world. It not only provides a huge list of benefits, but also makes it much easier and reliable to use when compared to the old communication system. Let us see what Softswitch is and where it differs from the old wired telephone system.

What is Softswitch

What is Softswitch?

Softswitch is nothing, but software based telecommunication system. With this application along with the internet, you will be able to connect to any other phone lines from your computer and have flawless conversation. In the outdated system, hardware was used to route the calls. However, with the use of Softswitch software transmitting of data and voice over the phone lines does need any hardware.
Put differently, Softswitch does not need any old wired telephone system and receiver to have a conversation. Your headphone connected to your computer is sufficient. It requires only three things to make Softswitch work and they are internet connection, computer and a service from a reputed VoIP Softswitch provider.
There are basically four different kinds of Soft switch based on the variety of tasks that the customers need to perform and they are as mentioned below:

SIP Softswitch:

A SIP Softswitch is used to handle all the transactions that are taking place between traditional and old hard line calls into the virtual data, in order to make it compatible for the transmission via the internet. This kind of Softswitch is widely used to manipulate and capture the phone signals and optimize them for the devices and receiving servers.

VoIP Softswitch:

The main job of the Softswitch VoIP is to route the calls from one network to another by using the internet protocol instead of using the traditional landlines. They are solely responsible for making calls from circuit based as well as packet based networks like PTSN.

Class 4 Softswitch:

It is used to look after the VoIP traffic among the multiple internet protocol networks.

Class 5 Softswitch:

This is the most powerful device, which opens up many kinds of features and some of them are like billing, routing the calls, auto provisioning, invoicing, e-commerce, DID assignments and others.

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